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Closing Ceremony of maginificent Panorama International Literature Festival 2023

In the Closing Ceremony of maginificent Panorama International Literature Festival 2023 (PILF), a plethora of overwhelming sentiments were shared within the Family of Writers Capital Foundation and with all delegates around the globe via social media.

Panorama Festival continued from January 1, 2023 till January 31, 2023 introducing the theme of Prana (Air) to nurture the nature and to spread awareness in the regard among people.

Delegates from different professional field including Writers, educators and poets participated in the fest to make it a gala success. Across the globe, representatives from 78 countries shared their opinions and words of art and wisdom to add on and fulfil the motto behind the conduct of organizing it.

The gracious closure was initiated with a senisible and thought-provoking address by visionary humanitarian Honorarable Mr. Preeth Padmanabhan Nambiar, President and Founder of Writers Capital International Foundation and Chairman, Panorama International Literature Festival who has been inspiring humanity with his noble deeds and vision since decades.

Johanna Devadayavou, CHRO, WCIF gave a message to share the vision of a better future joining the Foundation and to make it a strong solid chain that will assist in uniting the whole world in the name of respect, solidarity, botherhood, peace and love. She elegantly uttered the “Pledge for Humanity’ for anchoring in the higher goal.

Further, Prof. Levett and Dr. Steven Roy enthused with their presence and speeches and inaugurated the new educational endeavour of the Foundation with a shower of best wishes and blessing for its first department, ‘International Centre for Foreign Languages and Literature’.

Mr. Joan Josep Barcelo expressed his views who has worked committedly throughout the fest hosting several events. Mr. Vicky Papageorgopoulou disclosed the theme of next year Panorama Festival- ‘Fire’ to join heads and hands.

Irene Doura Kavadia, Secretary-General, WCIF skillfully moderated the whole ceremony and expressed heartfelt gratitude towards one and all for their valued contribution and amiable presence.



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